Nurse Izzy

Nurse Izzy

Psychiatric Nurse

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Balance + Grace Mental Health Nursing services supports individuals in identifying needs for their own mental health through person-centered and strength-based therapy approaches. Jessica is the person behind Balance + Grace. Jessica is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and a certified member of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba. It is the goal of the Psychiatric Nurse to instill empowerment within the client in order to make positive changes in which the client has determined based on the person-centered approach model.

Balance + Grace is all in the name. Balance + Grace works with individuals from all walks of life. Jessica will work with you to develop skills that can be applied to your life in a positive way. She will help you identify goals you are wanting to achieve and work alongside you to figure out the most effective way to reach them. She works with client’s on recognizing what their strengths are and using that as leverage when planning to work through any obstacles in their lives they are wanting to overcome.

In combination with many years of experience within the mental health and social services field, she works as a Psychiatric Liaison Nurse in the Emergency and Urgent Care settings in both urban and rural areas and in community mental health services. She holds experience in patient assessment and risk assessments which include suicide risk assessments, care planning and developing various disposition and intervention planning. She holds extensive experience in coordinating referrals that include facilitating access to other health care providers and community organizations. She also carries knowledge and experience in care planning that is person-centered.

Over the decade of being employed within the public health and social services sectors in various roles, she has worked with a diverse clientele. She is quite familiar with a variety of mental health diagnoses that include anxiety, mood and personality disorders. She also has experience in crisis response management and establishing coping skills through cognitive behavioral therapy inspired techniques. Aside from this, she also has experience in working with vulnerable populations both in the front lines within community and in clinical settings and have extensive knowledge of outside community supports and resources along with navigating the mental health and social services system.

Nurse Izzy

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