The Omnia Experience

An inclusive clinic that specializes in holistic manual therapy.

why we do it

our vision

Omnia was created with the goal of building a dynamic team of holistic practitioners who have a shared vision of treating the root cause of our clients’ concerns. We place importance on providing treatments for all ages from babies and children, to pregnant and postpartum individuals - everyone can find treatment within our walls.

Hands on a womans back giving a massage at Omnia TherapyA family photo of Luka and Zach, owners of Omnia Therapy in WinnipegA chiropractors hands guide a line down the spine of a patient at Omnia Therapy in Winnipeg
what we stand for

our values

Omnia has a core set of values that we believe guide us to provide patients with the best care. Our team takes pride in embodying these values to ensure that clients feel respected and supported while in our clinic.

An icon that represents holistic practices, one of the values at Omnia Therapy of Winnipeg


With a focus on body, mind, and spirit- Omnia’s holistic approach treats the client’s body as a whole. Our treatments are based on searching for underlying causes by considering one’s physical, mental, and emotional states of well-being and health. 

An icon that represents inclusivity, one of the values at Omnia Therapy of Winnipeg


We care about our patients and are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. It is important that everyone who enters our clinic feels safe and welcomed by our team. 

An icon that represents empathy, one of the values at Omnia Therapy of Winnipeg


Healing is a personal journey, and the Omnia team is empathetic towards all clients and their feelings. We encourage clients to express any needs or questions they have regarding their body and treatment. 

An icon that represents education, one of the values at Omnia Therapy of Winnipeg


Providing our clients with the education to understand their bodies and healing is key. Throughout treatments, our practitioners will always provide clients with the information they need to feel confident in the care they are receiving.