Luka Zigic

Luka Zigic

Birth Educator & Lactation Counsellor, Owner of Omnia & Baby's Nectar

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About Luka Zigic

My name is Luka Zigic, I am the owner of Omnia Manual Therapy as well as  Baby's Nectar Birth & Lactation. As a lactation consultant and birth educator my main goal is to help you navigate the very primal world of lactation and birth in our modern, fast paced society. We tend to have a lot of options these days when it comes to where to give birth, who our provider and supports are, how we want to labour and deliver, as well as how we will feed our children! My job is to assist you in navigating all of these option while guiding you on goal setting and decision making based on the things that are important to you and will work for your unique situation. I want to ensure you feel well informed and confident in your decision making, giving you the power of self & fetal advocacy.

When it comes to mentoring my clients on birth and lactation, I bring forth a blend traditional insight & evidence/science backed information to help you advocate for your bodily and fetal autonomy. I have an amazing team of professionals to assist me in supporting you and your whole family, as well as connections to a plethora of resources to ease the transition of the perinatal period. If you would like to know whether I am the right person to support your family, book a free meet and greet with me at the booking link! 

A little about me : Omnia is a passion project for myself and my husband (Zach Sylvester), having a space for the whole family to find support with a variety of therapies was super important to us.
Food is my love language ! I used to be a cook, it's something I'm very passionate about and love doing. I love reading and listening to podcasts especially about birth & lactation, this is a topic I love learning about and find myself learning new things about constantly.
I love travelling with my little family and being outside in the sun. I'm also an avid coffee enthusiast.

I can't wait to meet you!