Carlo Dungca

Carlo Dungca

Athletic Therapist

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Carlo graduated from the University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy program and certified with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association on November of 2016. 

Carlo has worked with a wide-variety of people from high performance athletes to amateur athletes. He has also worked with weekend warriors, desk workers, industrial workers, MPI and WCB claimants, chronic pain patients, post-op patients and everyone in between. 

Carlo has worked with Injuries such as low back pain, patellar tendinitis, whiplash, frozen shoulder, golfers and tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, ankle sprains, achilles ruptures and many more. The human body is amazing and learning is a never-ending adventure. Carlo believes in empowering his patients with the understanding of their injuries and equipping them with the tools and resources to take care of whatever injuries they may have independently. 

A session with Carlo will always be “Therapist facilitated” and not "Therapy dependent”. Patients will learn to take care of themselves after each session and will learn how resilient their bodies truly are.